About the Ivy Space Coalition

Who Are We

Formerly known at the Inter-Ivy Space Coalition, The Ivy Space Coalition (ISC) is an organization that represents a large constituency of space-related organizations spanning across the entire Ivy League. Previously, although each of the respective Ivy League institutions possess one or more student project teams or clubs focusing on space technology and exploration, the project teams and clubs were all relatively disconnected with one another, even within a given school’s campus. Bridging this intra-Ivy and inter-Ivy disconnect is the primary goal of the Ivy Space Coalition.

Our aim is to connect students and organizations across the Ivy League that have an interest in aerospace engineering, space exploration, and improved space technology, thereby fostering a greater sense of space community through shared connections, conversations, and experiences. In partnering together as a League, not only do students have the unique opportunity to individually benefit from one another’s knowledge in expanding their respective clubs and project teams, but they also have the chance to revolutionize the fast-growing space community collectively.


The ISC was founded by Hanya Qureshi and Aydin Kaghazchi in the spring of 2017 to connect all of the aerospace clubs within the Ivy League. The first meeting took place in June with each of the member schools agreeing to host the inaugural conference at Yale University the following Spring. Since then, the ISC has live-streamed speaker events, connected project teams from different schools, and hosted ISC1 in April of 2018. The ISC looks forward to a bright future of continuing to build closer ties between the aerospace organizations at all of the Ivy League institutions.

Other Activities

The ISC has also hosted multiple live streams of speaker events, allowing students from all 8 participating universities to hear from and ask questions from industry leaders. The ISC is also building a database that will allow member clubs to share technical reports with each other, and learn from each other's successes and failures.