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About ISC2 / Conference Description

The ISC is excited to host the 2nd Annual Ivy Space Coalition Conference (ISC2). ISC2 will be held at the University of Pennsylvania on April 6-7, 2019 (over the weekend; Saturday and Sunday). At the conference, our member groups and individual attendees are enabled to progress. Interactions and networking find an ideal pairing with a codified schedule of keynote speeches and, extending the theme of each track, broadens into panels comprised of experts with dense aptitudes within their specialties of the scientific disciplines most closely related to the four tracks. The platform is wide-open for the two days, for the attending academic leaders, astropreneurs, and various other experts to coalesceā€”serving as a premier hub for students interested in aerospace, private space, and most other aerospace-related fields to meet and discuss ideas, projects, interests, and experiences.

Based on the diverse turnout in 2018 at ISC1, the ISC's 2019 conference is likely to attract students with majors running the full gamut of STEM-rooted subjects and, nearly equally, others, such as economics, law, and other humanities..

ISC2 welcomes Ivy League member schools to meet and build meaningful relationships with peers from both local and outside institutions, stay caught up on the latest advances in the sciences and policy/law/regulation (as can be gathered from speaking industry leaders), present their projects and research to a broader audience, and meet with potential future employers (career fair details will be published soon).

The Second Annual Ivy Space Coalition Conference is structured into four tracks:

  1. Women in STEM
  2. Credit: NatGeo.
  3. Aeroscience
  4. Credit: NASA.
  5. Privatizing Space
  6. Credit: NatGeo.
  7. Space Law and Policy
  8. Credit: Berkelyn


Each track begins with a keynote speech with a second keynote taking place half-way into Saturday (4/7), delivered by an expert in the field (who epitomizes the scope of the track). A track's scope may also be referred to, less narrowly, as a theme.

Following each keynote speech, an moderated panel discussion shall follow: a selected panel of experts will address the prevalent questions and challenges relating to the four tracks (listed above). Note, also, that a limited number of select keynote speakers will also give addresses to the entire conference audience.

Attendees are able to select two tracks to participate in during sign-up.

Conference Leadership's Final Remarks

    Full agenda and speaker list will appear on this page mid-to-late-Febraury 2019.

    Sponsors are welcome to contribute to the ISC.

    All attendees may also wish to read the detailed Travel and Venue Information for ISC2.

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