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Image provided by the aerospace club at Brown University.
This amazing picture was taken by an astronaut on the ISS during the deployment of EQUiSat in July! EQUiSat is the second cube from the right.
Photo/Image Credit: BSE.

Brown Space Engineering (BSE) is monitoring our first satellite, EQUiSat, and doing research using the data it sends back down. We're building a fully motorized ground station to become a member of the SatNOGS community and get even more data from EQUiSat. We just launched our third high altitude balloon, which tested deployable solar panel technology. We're also hard at work designing and prototyping our next CubeSat.

Facebook Page: Brown Space Engineering
Projects: EQUiSat (Brown University's first nanosatellite)

ISC2 Speaker Outreach and Sponsorships Coordinator & ISC2 Campus Head: Jacob Leiken


Logo provided by the aerospace community of Columbia University.
Logo: Columbia Aerospace Collective at Columbia University.
Photo/Image Credit: Jacob Irwin.

Columbia University’s aero community is comprised of a broad consortium of initiatives and organizations throughout its student body. Two Morningside campus organizations stand out as the most active in aero/space-related activities: the Columbia Space Initiative; and the Columbia University American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The Columbia Space Initiative (CSI) is a student-led umbrella organization serves as a conduit, hub for a plethora of aerospace engineering projects (internally, referred to as 'missions'), including a community outreach program. CSI recently won the Best New Chapter Award at the 2018 Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Conference—not stopping there, CSI also took home the ISU/WIA Gender Diversity Award. CSI's other 2017-18 accomplishments include: being finalists in both the NASA Micro-g NExt competition ( and the NASA/NIA RASC-AL competition. Co-Presidents: Eileen Chen ( and Millen Anand (

Dl, the Columbia University's chapter of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) branch operates on the Morningside Campus and is committed to participating in the annual AIAA DBF competition. The official website for the AIAA Design-Build-Fly competition describes the event as one that "will provide a real-world aircraft design experience for engineering students by giving them the opportunity to validate their analytic studies." -President: Provence Barnouin.

CSI Facebook Page: Columbia Space Initiative (CSI)
CSI Projects: CSI Missions (use top navbar drop-down to view current missions)
CSI Projects: Open Source Repo
AIAA Projects: Project History (archived projects through 2014/2015

ISC Co-Founder & President: Hanya Qureshi
ISC2 Strategic Partnerships Director & ISC2 Campus Head: Jacob Irwin


Logo of the aerospace club at Cornell University.
Logo: Cornell Rocketry Team logo.

Cornell Rocketry is an engineering project team dedicated to learning about how to design, assemble, and launch rockets.

Facebook Page: Cornell Rocketry Team

Projects: Cornell Rocketry Team (scroll down to SUBTEAMS section) and Technical Documentation

ISC Co-Founder & ISC Campus Head: Aydin Kaghazchi


Launch photo by Dartmouth College's aerospace club.
Actual club-organized launch, featured photo provided by the Dartmouth Aerospace Engineering Club.
Photo/Image Credit: Dartmouth Aerospace Engineering Club.

The Dartmouth Aerospace Engineering Club seeks to empower students with the skills and knowledge necessary to improve life on Earth and beyond. We are currently developing a competitive sounding rocket, an autonomous farm computer, and an Arduino-powered RC aircraft.

Dartmouth Aerospace Engineering Club is a student-run organization focused on developing technologies that enable human exploration of the solar system and beyond. Initial projects focused on competitive sounding rocketry, looking ahead in the future to evolve into projects in asteroid mining, sustainable living, railgun, and autonomous systems.

ISC2 Campus Head: Grace Genszler


Logo of The Aerospace and Aviation Club, a Student Club at Harvard Business School.
Logo: The Aerospace and Aviation Club at HBS.
Photo/Image Credit: Harvard Business School.

The Aerospace and Aviation Club, a Student Club at Harvard Business School has a mission to connect students with an interest in aerospace and aviation, to introduce others to both the sector and the sport, and to serve as a conduit to career opportunities within the industry.

Facebook Page: HBS' Aerospace and Aviation Club

Homepage: HBS' Aerospace and Aviation Club

ISC2 Campus Head: Kylie Lucas


Logo of the Princeton Rocketry Club.
Logo: Princeton Rocketry Club.
Photo/Image Credit: Princeton Rocketry Club.

The Princeton Rocketry club (PRC) designs, builds, and launches rockets. PRC seeks to both push the limits of rocketry and educate others about the process.

Facebook Page: Princeton Rocketry Club
Projects: Princeton Rocketry Club, Project Teams

ISC2 Campus Head: Coming Soon

University of Pennsylvania

Logo provided by the aerospace club at University of Pennsylvania.
Logo: Penn Aerospace Club.
Photo/Image Credit: PAC.

This year, Penn Aerospace Club (PAC) is working on bigger and better projects and expanding their presence on campus! Our rocket team is busy designing for the IREC SpacePort America Cup Competition next summer in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The balloon team is performing new experiments at high altitude, like a biology experiment on cellular respiration and a solar cell experiment. The aircraft team is implementing new software, including an autopilot system and a sound system. The Operations team continues to plan interesting events, like a telecom talk with Jessica Newman, a Senior Leader in Crewed Spaceflight Operations and Training at NASA as well as a talk with Astrophysics Professor Mark Devlin on the Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (BLAST).

Facebook Page: Penn Aerospace Club
Projects: Penn Aerospace Club, Teams

ISC2 Conference Director & Campus Head: Audrey Walsh
ISC2 Database and Newsletter Director: Lauren Birkelo
ISC2 Director of Finances: Christopher Zhang


Image provided by the aerospace club at Yale University.
Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association's recent board retreat hike up to East Rock.
Photo/Image Credit: YUAA.

The Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association (YUAA) promotes and advances aerospace engineering through collaboration, innovation, and outreach. We are the largest student engineering organization at Yale. Our projects include rockets, high altitude balloons, unmanned aircraft, cubesats, rovers, community outreach, and many more. YUAA cultivates leaders who meet challenges with discipline and creativity.

YUAA has gotten to work on our four new projects (Ornithopter, HAB, Rocket, and Rover Swarm) as well as continued to design our CubeSat. We are currently applying for a launch date through the NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative and prototyping our cosmic ray detector payload. We plan to launch it for testing on our first HAB later this semester. The other three projects are all busy prototyping, and we will be launching a certification rocket in winter 2018/2019.

Facebook Page: Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association
Projects: YUAA Projects

ISC1 Conference Director & ISC2 Campus Head: Jonathan Li
ISC2 Database Administrator: Kathan Roberts